ESS ⬩ BEE is all about feeling comfortable living as the person you want to be. Since December 2017, our brand has sought to walk societies imposed line between masculine and feminine—with each individual customer having the chance to take the piece in the direction that best suits their identity.

 ‘It’s about being masculine and feminine at the same time.’
—Charlotte Casiraghi

 With quality and style at the core of our line, the clothing you find here is for those who hold a love for simplicity. Sometimes, less is more. But granted, we know there are also times when you need to spice things up with a chain belt. Either way, ESS ⬩ BEE is here to keep you feeling like your best self, no matter what the occasion.
 As our brand is inspired by the culture of Melbourne city, our pieces are ever-evolving. On our part, this means you will always find clothes and accessories here that speak to originality. accessories (hand made) and cut and sew clothing Designed in Melbourne by Me.
 ‘Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and a sense of what you believe in, which is basically self-confidence. When you have that confidence you can wear whatever you want and project something personal about who you are and how you feel.’
—Ralph Lauren
It all started with simple belts and tops I made for my friends. When these began to come in higher demand, it seemed like the only thing to do was to make things a bit more official. Having so many supportive souls around me with whom I've been able to brainstorm ideas meant it didn't feel like I was in this alone. And with every customer who purchases something from my store, I can feel the community around me grow. It is thanks to all of your support that I've been able to experiment with new styles and continue to evolve the concepts behind my accessory line.
 It's been a joy seeing how each of you wears ESS ⬩ BEE in your own, unique way. It's allowed me to keep moving to the next idea, and I'm so excited to see where we all go on this path together.
 So from me, Steph B, I hope you find just the right piece for you on this site because everything I do here is wholeheartedly from me, to you